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Boss Level (2021)

4K 6.9 IMDb US WarParty Films Action Science Fiction Thriller

A former special forces agent is trapped in a time loop and relives his death over and over again. To escape the terrible situation, he must track down those responsible and stop them.


Actor: Frank Grillo
Role: Roy Pulver

Actor: Mel Gibson
Role: Colonel Clive Ventor

Actor: Naomi Watts
Role: Jemma Wells

Actor: Annabelle Wallis
Role: Alice

Actor: Ken Jeong
Role: Chef Jake

Actor: Will Sasso
Role: Brett

Actor: Selina Lo
Role: Guan Yin

Actor: Meadow Williams
Role: Pam

Actor: Michelle Yeoh
Role: Dai Feng

Actor: Mathilde Ollivier
Role: Gabrielle

Actor: Rob Gronkowski
Role: Gunner

Actor: Sheaun McKinney
Role: Dave

Actor: Rio Grillo
Role: Joe

Actor: Armida Lopez
Role: Esmerelda the Chauffeur

Actor: Buster Reeves
Role: Mr. Good Morning

Actor: Eric Etebari
Role: Roy #2

Actor: Quinton Jackson
Role: German Twin #1

Actor: Rashad Evans
Role: German Twin #2

Actor: Joe Knezevich
Role: Driver

Actor: Adam G. Simon
Role: Loudmouth

Actor: Melanie Kiran
Role: Guest

Actor: Thomas Dewier
Role: Huey Pilot

Actor: Aaron Beelner
Role: Kaboom

Actor: Travis Gomez
Role: Pedro

Actor: Michael Tourek
Role: Smiley

Actor: John Cenatiempo
Role: Patrolman

Actor: Brendan Johnston
Role: Armed Sentry Guard

Actor: Rigan Machado
Role: Cop

Actor: Adetinpo Thomas
Role: Stunned Woman BMW

Actor: Eric Goins
Role: Slack-Jawed Dude

Actor: Swen Temmel
Role: Cop #2

Actor: Tyler Jon Olson
Role: Ticket Taker

Actor: Robert Goon
Role: Dana

Actor: Henry Penzi
Role: Chef Jorge

Actor: Athena Akers
Role: BMX Tricks Rider (uncredited)

Actor: James William Ballard
Role: Laboratory Security Guard (uncredited)

Actor: Joe Carnahan
Role: Customer at the Chinese Restaurant (uncredited)